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We leave Sunday morning, January 6, 2019, meeting at 8:30 AM sharp at NCC; we will be using private cars and a school van. (Alternate meeting is in the parking at Little Neck Shopping Center (directions on NCOC page) at 9:30 AM--if arranged).  You should bring lunch with you so we do not have to stop and we will arrive at the Loj in time for dinner.  On the way back we will stop for dinner on the way so you will need money for that meal. You should bring some extra money if you want to go downhill skiing on one of the days or possibly buy anything in the stores.  Otherwise all costs at the Loj are included in the $120 fee which is due on December 13, 2018.  You should give in a $60 deposit by November 15, 2018 or before.

We will return Friday, January 11, 2019,  after having a day of activities. We should get back to school very late, at about 11pm, depending on traffic and road conditions. On the way back we will stop for dinner and you will need money for that meal.

We are limiting participation to those who have gone on at least one, preferably two, previous club activities.  Any questions or problems, please call the faculty co-advisors, Don Wade, at 718-426-8555 (cell 917-697-5701) or  Prof. Janis Mazza, 516-670-6307.  As of last year there was no reliable cell phone service at the Loj.  There is a regular phone so if you need to make calls bring a calling card or the advisor will have one to use.  There is electric power in the Loj but no TV.  Last year there was very limited wi-fi service available.

We will be staying in a heated wooden building (The Adirondack Mountain Club's Adirondak Loj) with common washrooms and showers.  We will be sleeping in a 12-person bunk room.  The Loj will supply everything including sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels. You do not need to bring your own bedding unless you sleep very "cool" and want extra blankets (all rooms are heated).  Pack your things so they will be easy to carry -- we can usually park the vans about 100 ft. from the Loj but if it is icy we might have to park it further away.  Breakfast and Dinner will be eaten in a communal dining room along with any others staying at the Loj; lunch will be bag trail lunches.  More information about the Loj is available on the Adirondack Mountain Club Web site,  In case you need it, the phone number of the Loj is: 518-523-3441.  Please note that there is no alcohol on this trip.  College policy states that "The College expressly prohibits the unlawful use, possession, manufacture, distribution, or dispensation of controlled substances, which includes alcohol, in all Nassau Community College facilities or while attending or conducting college business off campus."

You need to be prepared for outside winter activities all days. The hikes in the Adirondacks are all long and difficult -- much more difficult than hikes in Harriman Park.  Winter conditions add to the difficulty. If you have winter "poly-pro" or fleece insulated underwear, bring it. For a discussion of Winter footwear, see the link on the main club web page. Here's a list of suggested items to bring (modified from the list made by then president Mike Scholz for our first Winter trip many years ago). The club may be able to lend such things as a pack or flashlight but be sure to arrange for this in advance.  All the winter outdoor equipment we will need (cross-country skis, snowshoes, etc) will be rented or supplied by the club.  However if you want to go downhill skiing or snowboarding you will need to rent or bring your own equipment and you will have to pay lift fees. (Whiteface Mountain ski area,, is about 10 miles from the Loj.). 

Clothes, etc:



Remember:  Dress warmly but in layers so you can take off one layer and still be protected from the cold. A lighter windbreaker or jacket, combined with several sweaters is preferred to one big, heavy coat.  We encourage you to discuss any questions with one of the advisors: Don Wade, at 718-426-8555 (cell 917-697-5701) or  Prof. Janis Mazza, 516-670-6307.

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